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Celebrity Dancer And Choreographer To The Stars, Dani Vitale, Has Danced For Rhianna, Eminem, Katy Perry, Scored An Endorsement Deal With Under Armour And Has Choreographed Tours For Demi Lovato And Halsey To Name A Few.

From Rejection During Her Early Phases In Her Career, To Everyone In The “Business” Telling Her She “Wasn’t Good Enough” Or “Wasn’t Pretty Enough,” To Finding Herself At The Top To Only To Hit Rock Bottom At The Height Of Her Career And How She Rose Up To Find Out Who She Really Was.

JOIN Us As We Get Real About Life, Heartbreak And Healing And Everything In Between.

About This Episode

All My Life, I Was Taught To Find LOVE Outside Of Myself: Through My Family, Friends, Boyfriends, Etc. Not Once Did I Ever Get The Memo That It All Started With Me. LOVE ME FIRST. CHOOSE ME FIRST. ..And Because Of That, I Was LOVING People Who Couldn’t LOVE Themselves, Much Less Me. 

JOIN ME, Along With CELEBRITY Yoga Instructor Antwan Thomas, As We Discuss LOVE, HEALING, And How Becoming SPIRITUAL Changed BOTH Of Our Lives In The BEST F*cking Way Possible.

About This Episode

Hailing from Ohio, Comedian Allison Leber has rocked the comedy circuit in Chicago and LA since 2007. She’s produced Chicago Comedy Awards, a one woman show called“Hello My Name Is You,” to name a few.

But just like the rest of us, she has had her lows. JOIN Us today as we talk depression, putting ginger up her husband’s asshole as we discuss how to move forward when the heaviness of life sets in.