Unf*cking Yourself:

A 28-day guide to get you back on track to who you were
before all that shit happened that dimmed your fucking shine.

Did all the things you were supposed to do in life but still feel lost? Unsatisfied? Find yourself asking “is this it?”

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: Fun

Let’s get real, people underestimate the power of fun. Not only does it reduce stress, boost your energy levels, improve memory/concentration, and help you sleep better; it also gets you back to the basics of feeling good and remembering who you really are.

Week 2: Perspective

If your head is stuck in the hole, you can’t see the light. If you can’t see the light, you have no hope. If you have no hope, you lose sight of the fact that things can and will get better. Perspective helps you reclaim that and gets you moving back in the right direction.

Week 3: Trust

So often in life, we lose faith in ourselves and start looking to outside resources to validate, and sometimes make, our decisions in life. How stupid is that? We hand the keys to someone else and wonder why we end up living a miserable fucking life. Learning to trust yourself again adds another layer to getting you back on track. Only you, knows what’s best for you.

Week 4: Gratitude

Gratitude sounds like some hippie dippie shit. And it is. But the reality of gratitude is that it’s one of the most powerful and rewarding things you can do for yourself. It’s like a gateway drug to all the good shit in life. It makes you happier, healthier, friendlier, sexier (meow) and over all a more badass, kick-ass motherfucker!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started now. 

I can’t rant and rave enough about this program! As a licensed marriage Family Therapist, Natallia and this program serves as the the self support and voice of reason you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re in the dumps because of relationship issues, struggling to find your professional identity or enduring financial hardship, this program has something for you.
Lesly Cruz
Family Therapist
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