My goal is to help people snap out of their rut and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Because guess what? I’ve been there, I get it. (have you read my book?)

What can I say, I got my ass kicked early on in life. 

I got brainwashed by “Sex In The City” during college, hence moved to NYC only to find myself in a job I hated, which lead to a 40lb weight gain that kick started my depression, an eating disorder and a cocaine habit. Shortly after that, my dad died. After that I said, “f*ck this shit,” and headed to LA in hopes for a new start.

…all I found was an abusive relationship, homeless and a whole other slew of hardships that I had to overcome.

But here is the beauty of all of that. It became the beginning of a journey of self discovery and redefining me…”Natallia.” Who I was, what I wanted out of life and it all began with healing. Healing my wounds of my past, healing my fears, learning to trust myself again and learning how to take the first step. So join me. Let me help you. 

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